Friday, July 17, 2009

Either ways, money is wasted!

Building statues for yourself so that you would be remembered forever... craziest thing anybody can think of!!!
Mayawati is into a controversy for erecting a number of statues of herself and Kanshi Ram and her party symbol-elephant.Ask her why she did it and out comes the reply that it is to boost tourism in the state. Eppudi!! Room poattu yosippaingalo!!!
Anyways I'm concerned more about a similar issue but a more serious one which goes almost unnoticed। The rising number of temples in the country!We have 5 temples in our village alone -that is for a population of roughly 2000 people.. How many temples do we have already in India? What is the number of temples that are getting constructed in India every day? Isnt it enough to have one temple in one village or one area(Maybe their definition of one area varies a lot from mine!!)। What is the money spent on this every year.
The days of having religion based worshipping places are over। Now we have different ones for each castes. With the number of castes in India, cant imagine where this is heading to.My concern is as to why this issue goes unnoticed. Is it because we r not ready to question something related to God and people's strong belief? Shouldnt we be concerned abt this too?
Whenever people come asking for donation for temple construction, my dad says a plain NO! And he doesnt stop there. He advises them to use the money in building a school or a hospital instead. U should look at the expressions on their faces. Worth a million dollars!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Alpha females

There is a recent research that shows that women who take a masculine approach in workplace are paid higher than their nicer counterparts (And surprisingly, it seems men's pockets are barely affected by such personality traits). Most of us would be aware of this even before the research.Do we women have to exhibit some kind of split personality coz what is expected of women in family life is the be-nice personality, very different from what is expected in workplace? Hope it is jus a for the phase of transition when more women have started working. Let the expectation of split personality in women end soon!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Whats wrong in being feminine?

Sharavathy- our hostel, is getting a new look... new paint... new monkey meshes in all the rooms.. kalakkare chandru thaan... so what does this have to do with the topic?? A new beautiful mural is also coming up in front of our hostel inspite of all the opposition by the inmates... the reason for the opposition.. its so feminine and guys would laugh the hell out when they c it.. my immediate reaction.. so wat?? u r a gal and u r supposed to be feminine..
this is one thing that guys r good at.. tease everything and anything that is alien to them.. starting from whining abt gals liking 'pink' colour and teddy bears to a gal behaving in a 'girlishhh' way.. afterall u r a gal and u r supposed to behave in tat way.. we dont complain abt a guy behaving in a guyish way or them liking black or red colours... they have successfully made so many women hate themselves and change their identity..
There is nothing wrong in being feminine.. understand tat guys.. above tat.. gals, respect urself..

Monday, November 19, 2007

The so-called 'Corporate Social Responsibility'

Just back from a guest lecture on Corporate Social Responsibility. The speaker started off the session with the question 'who all r in favour of companies going for CSR?' I was one amongst the many ppl who raised their hands for this. This was followed by the next most obvious question 'Who all r against it?' There were 2 hands raised and the speaker commented that her lecture is mainly for these 2..
But what happened was at the end of the lecture, me and my friend who was sitting near me turned against it... hmmm.. not actually against it but the way CSR activities are carried about by companies at present.. or atleast we were not happy with the total absence of correlation between the name CSR and the work carried out under that name..
CSR as the name says is the 'responsibility' that 'corporates' should show for the 'society'. I feel this sense of responsibility should come from deep from their hearts and not for the sake of competition or publicity or to nullify the damage they have done to the society..
A multinational beverages company that employed children in their factories, started off with their CSR initiative when their act of child labour became public. They just used CSR to play with the 'short-term memory' that our public have. Politicians also do the same. So when we crib about politics, how can we praise CSR?
When these companies, instead of acting after the damage is done and most importantly their illegal deeds come to light, refrain from such activities, it is the greatest CSR they can do for the society.
Companies spend a lot of money(more than 50%) allocated for CSR in advertising and marketing rather than for social causes. So how do they expect us to call this activity as CSR rather than marketing/advertising?
And the speaker also mentioned that employees should come forward and contribute willingly to CSR activities. In that way, when they look back in their lives, they would have the satisfation of having achieved something. Very true!!! But my question is why dont the companies think in the same line and do something without expecting any returns!
She argued that no companies do anything without expecting a return. Fine!!! But the way CSR is implemented in many companies gives a feeling that they are only for returns.
She ended the lecture with the statement
'CSR not only contributes to the society
But also makes sound business sense'
I read it as
'CSR not only makes sound business sense
But also contributes to the society'
Not my mistake. Should blame brain(maybe my eyes also) for that;)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Inhuman act...

'Mob thrashes pregnant lady on suspicion of theft'. She was suspected of having stolen a gold anklet. Whatever it be, how can ppl be so heartless and inhuman.. and that too in a state which has the highest literacy rate in India.. felt really bad after watching the video.. .. Is the mob going to be punished for this? No.. A case, which will be fogotten soon after it is filed, will be filed and it will be talked abt for 1 or 2 days, or the worst case, not talked at all getting lost among the rising sensex, rising rupee and the cricket matches.. Anyway I hope this case gets more importance(when there is so much hue and cry over Kushboo's stmts, I have all the rights to ask for this)..

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Techies' party!!!

If you are thinking I'm going to tell u about any new year party or birthday party, mind you, i have taken a resolution that i will talk only about seeeeeerious matters in this blog and i'm not one of a kind who breaks resolutions ;)
Last week, me and my friends had a discussion about students entering politics.. It was indeed a deviation from the usual girls talk we have.. One of my friend mentioned that students power is unbeatable.. (me thinking: Cinema definitely has an impact on the thoughts of the people) But couldnt toltally deny it!!! The Lok Paritran party,which was formed in 2005, did have a good response in the TN Assembly polls despite new political parties formed by famous cine stars, not to forget the two major political parties in the state.. Then it looked like, with little more publicity and time, they could definitely make it to the top.
I guess they have already started working on the first one;) The split of Lok Paritran party has come as a shock to all those who were relieved to know that they had a reliable party and believed all those cinema dialogues like "maanavar sakthi ku munnadi vera entha sakthiyum verum thoosi thaan da".. The first thought that came to my mind as soon as i heard this was 'Kelambittangayaaaa kelambittaanga!!!'.. I think this is the fate of politics, this is how it is to be or will be,no matter if the politicians are IIT ians or illetrates.Hope nothing like this happens again in the future and they live up to the expectations of atleast a few, if not all..

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Into the blog world...

Here I am…finally into the blogging world. I had been thinking of creating a blog of my own for a very long time. But didn’t have the real enthusiasm. Had been trying so many stuff to kill time in office. Finally landed here.. I'm planning to use this blog to put down my views about some serious matters.. That way I’ll atleast have the satisfaction of having my brain(I ve not given a proper work for my brain for the past two years except for my MBA preparation) working on a serious stuff..